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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Euro Revolt

Ever since the launch of the Euro, many have predicted that it would all end in tears. This story seems to support that thesis. France is in pain.

The monthly trade deficit ballooned to $2.7bn, following two months of sliding industrial orders and a shock halt to economic growth in the third quarter. Car output is down 14pc so far this year.
This is a country that not so long ago, had a trade surplus and the cause of this change is only too clear.
The euro has risen 11pc against the US dollar and most Asian currencies this year, and 20pc against the Japanese yen.
Not that France is the worst off you realise.
Italy has lost 40pc in competitiveness against Germany since the exchange rates were fixed ten years ago, while France last lost over 20pc - yet they still have to compete in the same currency zone.
and now the clincher......
Philippe de Villiers, leader of the eurosceptic MPF movement, said he was launching a referendum drive for a return to the franc. "The euro is a failure. It's weakening our industry and our exports to the point where Airbus is preparing to build plant directly in the United States and China," he said. "As we saw with the Czech and Slovak currency split, leaving the euro is technically quite simple. We could do it in eight days," he said.
How long before such opinion becomes mainstream.


FranceSucks said...

I have said it before that the euro completely killed the economy in the Netherlands resulting in a NAY on the constitution and further integration. It is really amazing how all of the competely moronic pundits keep trying to lump the NAY into some Franco-delusional rejection of the "polish plumber" or extremist protection of jobs by outlawing all competition.

Anonymous said...

Which makes Rifkinds comments in the FT today even more offensive.

"The first issue is one for Conservative party members. Many in the party persist in aggressive rhetoric, making the EU sound like public enemy number one. The logical outcome of their europhobic position is withdrawal and no credible government could countenance such an eventuality."

Goodbye Mr Rifkind, how can you expect to win an election when you tell your own party they are crackers. Forget the fact the majority of the population are opposed to EU membership and the EU itself is falling apart.

We are witnessing an outcry at economic migration, ever stronger anti-EU sentiment in Europe itself, divergence of economic trends within the largest EU economies, a roll back of tax harmonisation plans, a roll back of free movement within the EU and all this on the back of electoral rejection by Holland and France recently.

Is it not possible Mr Rifkind that the views on the EU of Conservative members might just have been correct all along?

Whispering Walls said...

What are the views of Sego and Sarko?

Anonymous said...

8 days? P de V is bonkers, then. France, of course, wants to be a law unto itself - I've blogged examples from just one day.

Anonymous said...

The euro was always going to be a disaster from the word 'go'. The flames have now grown so big, however, that people can no longer ignore it.

Serf said...

Sego & Sarko are both fully paid up members of the EU fan club