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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Make the European Union work better

His Excellency El Presidente Barroso, has a few words of advice for us Britons:

Mr Barroso said the UK could "drive from the centre or sulk at the periphery" He asked Britons to move on from the for-and-against Europe debate and concentrate on how to improve the EU.
Three things:
  1. There is a third option of sticking our tongues out from outside
  2. The for or against Europe debate has not been solved.
  3. Like an out break of bird flu, the best way to improve the EU would be to eliminate it.


Anonymous said...

You clearly know more about this than me. I ask only to learn - not to criticise; will you please comment on the advisability of the 'Icelandic Option' which seems to be most of the benefits and few of the problems of full EU membership. (And would we be allowed it?) Perhaps there's a reference to which you could point.

FranceSucks said...

or 4) turn it into a free trade zone like the original plan.

Seems like its all about new regulations and politics and nothing about the economy.

Anonymous said...

Sush! Emperor Barroso of the Holy Europan Empire of the French-German Nation has spoken.