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Monday, October 16, 2006

Business See the Light

Once upon a time, big business was very Europhile. They saw the EU as an opportunity to grow their business. That has changed however, as this poll reveals:

New ICM poll of 1,000 businesses:
  • 52% think the EU is “failing”
  • 54% think EU over-regulation “outweighs” the benefit of the Single Market
  • 60% think the UK should renegotiate to reduce its involvement in the EU to free trade only
This is excellent news, as a continuation of this trend would leave the EU very friendless indeed.


James Higham said...

Important figures for the Europhile conference in two days in London.

Anonymous said...

James raises a good point. Now the UK has lost its rebate, we are all bound to be even worse off.