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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tony’s Deal, lasts 4 months

Remember when Tony gave in to the pressure and release billions more of our cash to pay for massive pensions and expensive lunches? Well his carefully worked out “deal” has been torn up.

British taxpayers face paying an extra £208 million to the European Union after a late-night deal was struck by EU representatives to add billions to the budget compromise agreed by Tony Blair.
Parliament didn’t think the cash was enough and the complained. Our government, true to form, meekly agreed to give up even more of our cash. The man is a marvel. He compromises without getting anything in return, and when that is found wanting by the other side, he just turns the other pocket, so to speak.


Anonymous said...

And when Tony Blair's done f***ing up this country he'll want a/the top job in Europe. If his legacy is to bring Britain on board with the European project (albeit kicking and screaming) then the federalists in Brussels will owe him right? Being PM is great but someone like Blair must covet the power and prestige of the US President and the EU is the only orgainisation that can give it to him.

Since he has no problem selling out our democracy for a small political gain I have no trouble believing he would sell out his country to further his own career goals. It's probably a naive strategy but then Blair can be surprisingly starry eyed when it comes to foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

"Being PM is great but someone like Blair must covet the power and prestige of the US President..."

Prestige, maybe. Power? A typical British PM has far more power than any US President would dream of: there's a reason Hailsham called Britain an elective dictatorship, and that's far more true now than when he said it. It strikes me that people in the UK who talk about Blair making the premiership "presidential" are, at best, talking about style rather than substance, or speaking out of ignorance.

Richard Bailey said...

You did see that piece on the BBC where Peter Mandelson has advocated making us all vote for the EU Constitution over and over again until we get the answer right.

I suspected it was just a ruse over the Manchester conference to get all the old Tories very agitated and expose Cameron's failure to do anything over the EPP.

All good fun!

Anonymous said...

TB's idea of negotiation is that he gives the French something they want, in exchange for the French getting something else they want.

He's been astonishingly successful.

Serf said...

Richard, you may well have a point there. I forgot that Mandelson is such a slime ball.