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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Newsflash: EU-Serf Denied Front Bench Seat

Its official, I have no chance to serve in a David Cameron Cabinet. Apparently he will accept no-one who advocates withdrawal from the EU. No word yet on whether he demands belief in santa claus or fairies at the bottom of the garden.


Chris Palmer said...

You could always lie...

Anonymous said...

I carry no brief for the EU. But my mother always told us that every time someone says they do not believe in fairies, one dies. I could never have that on my conscience. Not so objecting to the EU.

Mark said...

All the same, nine Tory MPs put their country before their career and supported the Better Off Out campaign at its launch yesterday

Mark Wallace,
Campaign Manager,
Better Off Out

Serf said...


After all if I want to be a politician its a core competence ;)

Charles Martel said...

so John Redwood wont be on Cameron's front bench?