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Monday, April 17, 2006

Modest With the Truth

As I pointed out recently, Tony Blair’s “great deal” over the EU budget, not only left us with more of the EU’s bills, but it was not even the last word

The European Union's next budget is £20 billion more than Tony Blair admitted when he unveiled a British-brokered deal last December, a leading Brussels official will say today.
So as bad as it sounded at the time, worse is to come.
It will be about £24 billion above the budget Mr Blair announced and means that the taxpayer will have to find an extra £2 billion.
Just think about the number of IT projects, Nanny State Activists and Useless NHS projects that could have been had for this money. No wonder he wasn’t eager to publicise it. Then again if the government were in the least prudent, this would mean a vast number of operations, new schools or tax cuts, depending on your preference. It seems that once again, the only time our Dear Leader can be modest, is with the truth.


Tom Paine said...

As so often, the really interesting question is cui bono? It was not popular to give up on the rebate. Everyone knows we subsidise the French. There was no legal, moral nor political need to give the money from the nation's point of view. Neither his Chancellor nor his Party willed it. So why did Blair do it?

Because of Iraq, he is or was unpopular in Europe. His chances of a job in the EU a la Kinnock were zero. Now he has given his "European partners" billions of our money. I suspect, if we wait and see, that his reward will not be in heaven, but in Brussels.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a new scandal, cash for "commissionerships".

Anonymous said...

blair wont receive any reward in brussels. THEY know what a fool and a self loving butt kisser he is, they use his stupidity, duplicity and lust for european power to con him over and over again.(at BRITAINS expense). once he gets the elbow here, europe will scrape him off its boots and walk away.

Serf said...

Blair desperately wants his place on the Gravy Train in Brussels, but he had to deliver on the constitution in order to guarantee that.

Now he's given away all our cash, and he won't even get what he wants in return.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Just one point...

Tax cuts mean people can decide whether they want more (unrationed) operations etc.