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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cameron is Determined

Despite the skepticism of many Eurosceptic Conservatives, Cameron seems to be still on course for divorcing the EPP. According to Francis Maude:

We want to create a new grouping of parties that take what we would call a more progressive approach to the European Union and who do not see it as an ever more centralised block which is what it currently is. "The European constitution moves even further towards that model and that is why we think the right thing to do is form a new grouping which will be very formidable."
I’m not sure about formidable, but the aim is at least good.


Rigger Mortice said...

if they don't leave the EPP then I fear a great many conservative members will be voting UKIP.

Raw Carrot said...

Rigger, I'm already looking elsewhere for a party to put forward the decent right-wing values I hold dear... Cameron, EPP or No-EPP, seems headed for disaster in heading for the Left/Centre... (at least imho).

Serf said...

I am not overjoyed by his direction, but the Conservative Party is the only show in town, so its our duty to make the party motre right wing.