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Monday, March 06, 2006

Reinstate Roger Helmer Campaign

Here is a campaign I can wholeheartedly support: The site describes their aim as thus:

Roger Helmer was elected a Conservative MEP in 1999. In May 2005, he had the Conservative whip removed in the European Parliament. We believe that this action was unfair as he was standing up for Britian's interests in standing up to corruption within the EU.

The mission of this campaign is simple. We wish to highlight the unfair removal of the Conservative whip from Roger Helmer MEP, and in doing so, persuade David Cameron and those who have it within their power to return Roger once more to the Conservative fold. With your help, we know that we can achieve this goal.

This is an extreme example of why, we must leave the EPP. A British MEP is excommunicated for standing up for his constituents, on the orders of a German Federast.


Gawain Towler said...

Well, actually he was expelled from the EPP/ED for supporting a UK Independence Party motion to summon Mr Barroso before Parliament to explain himself over his holidays with Spiros Latsis the Swiss based Greek plutocrat with massive banking and construction interests in EU sponsored projects. The specific crime was to highlight the bullying from the German Christain Democrat that Tories were being subjected to on the case. The fact that 4 other Tories did the same (that is support UKIP) and didn't get the push was that he personally reveleved the processes by which the EPP/Ed alliance works.
It was his working with UKIP on this that caused the breach with the ineffebly awful Timothy Kirkhope.

Serf said...

Thanks for the details.

I think it was the fact that he supported a Anti Federalist faction that really blew a fuse somewhere in Looney Land.

Its funny that the Continental's like to lecture us on consensus politics, but forget to tell us that consensus with someone not in their mainstream is a crime.