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Friday, February 03, 2006

Our Dear Leader Changes His Mind

Man of integrity and truth that he is, it would be wrong to question Mr Blair’s motives. But what could make him change his mind on the Constitution?

In a moment of candour looking back on his eight years as Prime Minister, Mr Blair effectively disowned the treaty which he signed up to along with other European Union leaders, claiming that it failed to address the concerns of European citizens.
Why that would worry a politician is a puzzle. They make careers out of failing to address the concerns of ordinary people, a problem which is at its worst at European Level.
He said that on both the single currency - which Britain did not join - and the constitution, which was effectively killed off by voters in France and the Netherlands last year, the EU had put a "political decision" before getting the economics right.
But there in lies the problem. Getting the economics right, simply means free trade, something which can happen without the malign influence of the EU. But then the EU never was an economic project, was it? Not that Our Dear Leader will change his mind on that. Like all our spineless politicians they prefer to stick to the lie that the EU is about economics, unlike their counterparts elsewhere who are more forthcoming.

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