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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Family Business

Some of those who are ardent Europhiles, have undoubtedly come under the spell of some idiot potion or other. The others, are just out to get what they can:

Not so long ago, Neil and Glenys were arch critics of Europe. Not any more now Lord and Lady Kinnock have more reason than most to thank the Euro dream because, in one way or another, the entire family is being financially supported by it.
Despite now sitting in the House of Lords, Neil Kinnock is still required to support the EU, to protect his, £63,900-a-year EU pension. His wife Glenys, makes £57,000 a year as an MEP and can claim around £100,000 in expenses. Their Daughter in Law, Helle, an MEP and leader of Denmark's social democrats. at Brussels, earns £40,000, as well as the same allowances as her mother-in-law. Finally, Rachel Kinnock, their daughter, has recently joined her mother’s staff. Son Stephen prefers to milk the taxpayer more directly, in his job with the British Council. So is it any wonder that they are Pro European? (Details taken from the Daily Mail, which requires subscription)

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