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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Daft and Ideologically Ridiculous

The Conservative Party leadership says it is determined to press ahead with leaving the European Peoples Party, despite resistance from some MEPs.

The former leader of Tory MEPs, Edward McMillan Scott, has dubbed the plan "daft" and "ideologically ridiculous"
That sounds like fighting talk to me. It also sounds something like the blathering of a loony. What is ideologically ridiculous is the idea that a party whose members are predominantly suspicious of the EU, can be part of its biggest fan club. But the Quisling continues:
Mr McMillan-Scott said earlier: "Withdrawing from the EPP is not only daft, but it would break a Conservative manifesto pledge to maintain the link until 2009, so Mr Cameron is in effect threatening to deselect those amongst us who would honour the manifesto by refusing to leave the EPP."
Because we all know that every Conservative Voter was going to vote for another party until they heard about the EPP. “They are federalists? Excellent, I never liked my Country in the first place”. In addition the Wonder Boy is apparently being extreme:
He accused Mr Cameron of only pushing for the break to appease eurosceptic supporters on whom he relied for election and said the new Tory leader appeared to be "working towards the centre at home and yet moving to the extreme right abroad as fast as he can".
Because wanting National Independence is extreme right I assume. Funny that back in the 1940s, extreme right was what supporters of national independence were fighting against. Clearly Mr McMillan-Scott is someone whom we should do our best to get deselected at the next opportunity. In the meantime, you can send him a mail as part of the Right Links campaign. For a suggested message and his and other MEP’s details, Go here.

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