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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mandy Lies For Europe

Our esteemed Commissioner, Peter Mandelson, is spouting his usual nonsense on trade.

European Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson hit back at many of the WTO's most powerful member countries who blame Europe for refusing to go further on farm imports.
Can you believe that the cheeky beggars are actually complaining about our Cruelty to Africa Policy (CAP). How dare they, do they not realise how difficult it is for Chirac to get the Framing vote? Mandy Claims:
Europe was making real sacrifices in farming but it stood to gain no significant access to markets such as fast-growing Brazil and India for high-value industrial goods like cars or chemicals made by European companies.
I agree with the first comment. We are sacrificing our environment to grow crops nobody wants, we are sacrificing our disposable income on expensive food and taxes for subsidises and we are sacrificing the lives of million of Africans. Its time the rest of the world acknowledged this. On the second issue, try offering to decrease subsidies in reality not just theoretically and immediately eliminate export subsidies. I am sure India and Brazil would budge then. Finally, read a book or two on trade, its not a zero sum game.

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