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Monday, January 23, 2006

Hands off Our Beer

Whenever some EU member or another has a stupid idea about almost anything, they invariably want to force it down everyone elses throats. The Swedes being a bunch of lefties, not surprisingly, many of the most crackpot ideas come from there. The latest is about beer:

Swedish lobbyists have proposed higher EU-wide taxes and advertising restrictions for beer, a move Czech and other brewers oppose. The Swedish proposals call for all EU states to follow that country’s model of excise taxation. All fermented products would be classified and taxed at the same, higher level, putting beer in the same category as whisky and vodka. The proposal would also ban all advertising for all products containing alcohol, and forbid breweries from publicizing scientific findings about any beneficial health effects of beer.
The Swedish are free to oppress their own citizens on the subject of alcohol. I think their laws are a gross abuse of individual rights, but its not really my problem. The Swedes are also the world's biggest hipocrites on the subject. Bear in mind that Absolut Vodka is a product made by a Swedish State Owned company and heavily marketed around the world, and you will understand what I mean. Hopefully, they will not be successful in their efforts to make one of lifes greatest pleasures, more expensive.

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