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Friday, January 13, 2006

Great News From Cameron

Being a knuıckle dragging Right Winger, the last few weeks have been a little disappointing. Boy wonder Cameron has repositioned the Conservative party somewhere to the left of Uncle Joe Stalin and even worse, the public likes it. So the following news came as a happy surprise:

David Cameron is preparing for a showdown with Tory MEPs by vowing to de-select those who refuse to sever links with a federalist group in the European Parliament.
He is really going to do it.
The ultimatum has infuriated some pro-European Tory members, including the former leader of the group, Edward McMillan-Scott, who dismissed it as "ideological nonsense".
Being a member of a party that calls for the abolition of our country in favour of a European Superstate. That's ideological nonsense. All the Conservative Party is now doing is positioning itself where it should have been all along. Conservatism and Federalism are not compatible.

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