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Thursday, January 05, 2006

EU Demands Death

The EU which gets so upset when scum like Tookie Williams get their just reward, is a little different in their approach to smaller innocent life.
A Network of Independent Experts on Fundamental Rights released a 40-page document ordering the EU to impose rules on Catholic countries to force Catholic doctors and hospitals either to abort or refer women for abortions.
Imagine you are a Catholic doctor, who believes passionately that abortion is murder and therefore a sin of major proportions. Is it possible that you can have anything to do with abortions?
The order came after Slovakia, a predominantly Catholic country, had proposed a treaty with the Vatican which specified guarantees for legal protection for unborn persons, including embryos. The European Union said that the agreement violated “international human rights” to abortion and EU laws.
So the EU in all its wisdom, wants to force doctors to go against their most deeply held beliefs, and perform procedures that they cannot do with a clear conscience. Two points: 1) What happened to freedom of religion? 2) Do we really want these people telling us which rights are fundamental and which are not?

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