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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Oxfam Broadside

I have got used to the novelty of an NGO that doesn’t hate free trade, but Oxfam has managed to surprise me again.
A LEADING world charity has accused the European Union of crippling fair farm trade for developing countries by paying billions of pounds in illegal subsidies to its own farmers.
Their claim is that not only is CAP immoral, something we knew already, but parts of it are also illegal.
Oxfam, in an attack intended to influence world trade talks in Hong Kong later this month, claimed that £2.3 billion of the EU's £26 billion common agricultural policy payments last year broke World Trade Organisation rules.
So the pin up organisation of Tranzis everywhere is breaking international law? That’s a turn up for the books. Good on Oxfam for pointing it out. It’s a nice feeling to have the likes of Oxfam on our side in this one.

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