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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Euro Moonbats

Once again, The BBC’s have your say is rich pickings. Most commentators are saying things that would not out of place on this Blog. Others though, you wonder if they are on the Brussels payroll, or at least Al Guardian readers.

Facts time, the UK's contribution to Europe has increased by 63%, Frances by a whopping 116% and Italy's by an eye watering 135%. But hey The Sun and the Mail says that we are paying more money so why let facts on Europe get in the way Jonathan Ricketts, Lincoln
No doubt our budding mathematician would prefer 50% of £10 than 10% of £1.000.
What is clear from reading most of these comments is that so many British people have a completely distorted view of anything Europe-related Andy, Oxford, UK
Anything which is different from this omniscient being’s beliefs, obviously must be wrong.
If we stopped wingeing and procrastinating over Europe we would be far more welcome and able to negotiate. David
A man who knows nothing of the Thatcher handbag. The only way to negotiate with these people is with a big stick and a strong streak of stubbornness.
The UK has now become one of the richest member states of the EU. Ten new countries joined the EU while the UK defend a budget cut? It's just pure Anglo-Saxon strategy to unravel a strong EU zone. Rob, Antwerp Belgium
Rob is founder member of Tin Foil Hats Brigade, Brussels division. He not only believes that the EU is strong, but also that Tony Blair is capable of strategy.
We really have failed to move on in mentality since the war, this assertion that we won the war so the rest of Europe should be thankful and let us pay nothing to the EU yet receive duty free trade Jonathan Ricketts, Lincoln
So we have to pay for the right to trade. Prior to Richardo and Smith, this was a forgivable mistake. As for the war mentality, forgive me if this is out of place, but the whole point was to defend our freedoms.
The UK must be the most chauvinstic nation in Europe right now. And all this talk of 'we saved Europeans', 'we're superior' is pathetic, we're in 21th century. Looks like 'Continental' Europe has learnt from history whist Britain has not. Daniel, Barcelona (currently Paris)
I did not read all the comments, but I saw none whose arguments were based on our superiority. Just about everyone was basically saying, “what do we get for our cash”. But acknowledging that would destroy the Europhile’s only argument, that Eurosceptics are knuckle dragging Xenophobes.
I agree with Chirac and others. Tony Blair has shown great courage and more than that. He has shown that he can think 'European'. douglas james, gaillac
Which is the problem old chap. He is supposed to represent the subjects of the United Kingdom.

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