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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Commons Clash

By all accounts, yesterday’s clash between Our Dear Leader and the Blue Eyed Boy was a good one.
Mr Cameron, in his first dual with Mr Blair outside of Prime Minister's Question Time, taunted him by listing his priorities for Europe - and saying he had failed every one.
We have to forgive the inexperienced Mr Cameron, who has yet to realise that success in New Labour terms has nothing to do with achieving the goals you set for yourself. He will of course come to understand that New Labour success is defined after the event.
Mr Blair went straight on the offensive, attacking Mr Cameron for his decision to remove Tory MEPs from the European People's Party. This, he said, would have the Tory MEPs sitting by themselves next to the "crackpots" of European politics - including Mussolini's grand-daughter and, "worst of all", the former TV presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk.
Note that Our Dear Leader believes that those who wish to eliminate nation states are reasonable people, whilst those who have a wish to preserve them are crackpots.
Mr Blair added: "What we have seen today is that Euroscepticism is alive and well in the Conservative Party”
Further proof if it were needed that he is loosing his touch. The Conservative party, give or take a few individuals is now a Eurosceptic party, in tune with the British people. Someone should tell Mr Blair that decrying the Conservatives for their Euroscepticism is yesterday’s strategy. Now if the Conservatives can only live up to Our Dear Leader’s taunts, then we will all be happy.

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