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Monday, November 07, 2005

I don't even love Europe

So says the EU’s latest ambassador to the UK. Personally I am not of the same opinion. I love Europe. I have yet to visit a European country that I didn’t find something unique and captivating about. It’s just the Brussels behemoth that I can’t stand. Of course his comment is a PR stunt. He is here to change hearts and minds.
Over the past decade, the British public debate has become more hostile to the EU, and now every argument is reduced to whether Britain should stay in or leave, he said. “The fact is that Britain is part of Europe and part of the EU and will stay part of the EU.
Apart from his terrible over simplification of the debate, I can think of a number of people who would take a different view on the inevitability of our membership. Not that we Brits are at fault here.
Poll after poll has shown the British have a far greater level of ignorance and far greater level of hostility to all things EU than any other member.
If only they would explain it properly to us, maybe we could all learn to love the safety Nazis and poverty inducing agricultural system.

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