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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Eurosceptics Choice

David Cameron has attracted many prominent Eurosceptics to his cause, with his promise of breaking with the EPP. Whilst that is a move I would like to see, Davis has more concrete proposals for changes in our EU relationship. From EU Referendum
David Davis has decided, unequivocally, to support the existing policy and, in particular, to back the terms of the letter offered by Michael Howard on 10 June last year, addressed to John Whittingdale, OBE MP, then shadow agriculture and fisheries minister.
The important paragraph reads:
We are determined that the next Conservative government will establish national and local control over fishing. We intend to raise this in the Council of Ministers at the first opportunity and I believe we can achieve this through negotiation. However, should negotiations not succeed, it remains the case, as I said in Plymouth, that the British Parliament is supreme and we would introduce the necessary legislation to bring about full national and local control.
This would set a very important precident. So whilst fishing is an important matter, this commitment goes well beyond that. Unfortunately, David the Younger on the other hand, has not made the same commitment. This confirms my feelings about the two of them. Davis is sound on this issue and his instincts are Eurosceptic. Cameron is simply playing to the gallery with his promise on EPP.

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