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Friday, November 18, 2005

EU to back down over VW

The EU looks set to back track in its legal battle against Volkswagen over price fixing.
A senior legal advisor to the EU’s high court on Thursday backed a decision by the lower court to overturn a e31m ($36m) fine on Volkswagen for allegedly trying to fix prices for its Passat sedan in Germany.
So there is a chance they may not contest it. One thing I cannot understand is the logic.
In its ruling, the Court of First Instance said the EU regulators failed to prove “any actual acquiescence by the dealers” in VW’s call not to discount
I’m no legal expert but isn’t there something perverse about this. VW is let off because we can’t prove that they were actually successful? The attempt to commit a crime doesn’t seem to be under question. Any explanation would be welcome.

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