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Monday, September 12, 2005

UKIP has Sense of Humour

Having grown tired of seeing our money use to fund Europhile propaganda, UKIP has decided to get in on the act. Today they will launch a campaign for a referendum on EU membership.
The campaign is being funded by the Independence & Democracy Group in the European Parliament to which UKIP belongs.
This means that the money comes from EU funds (i.e. ours) which has upset some over sensitive MEP’s
Labour MEP Gary Titley is quoted in European Voice questioning whether the campaign was an ‘appropriate use of parliamentary money’, while another MEP, speaking on condition of anonymity, suggested the rules should be changed to prevent such campaigns in future.
Whilst Stephen Hughes says:
This is a disgraceful abuse of Parliamentary funds.
So your hard earned cash should only be used on one side of the argument. Anything else is obviously misuse of public money. That this comment comes from a Tax & Spend Left winger makes it all the more indecent. Good luck to UKIP and their campaign. After all those who make the rules will makes sure that this disgraceful behaviour is not repeated.

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