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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Startling Comment from the BBC

The BBC is generally known as choirmaster, organ player, composer and chorus line of an ode to the great benign EU state. Its following comment concerning the Polish election is therefore somewhat surprising.
Some will say the elections are "bad for the EU"- but they mean bad for one particular vision of the European Union. The new Polish government will have vigorous opinions on the direction of the EU.
They have actually understood that one particular vision of the EU is not the only one possible. That this admission comes after making the following statements is even more startling.
  • Law and Justice and their almost inevitable coalition partners Civil Platform (PO), are opposed to the European Union constitution.
  • Their vision is dominated by what they see as Poland's best economic interests. Poland is not likely to join the euro in the near future.
  • Their leader has said it is time for other countries to stop "yelling" at Poland. French President Jacques Chirac may be wondering "Do they mean me?"
So has the BBC made an about face? Could they be coming over onto our side? Or is there another explanation?
The two parties which will now dominate the Polish parliament are sometimes described as Eurosceptic, but it is probably better to say that they are not starry-eyed.
The BBC cannot let the story get out that other countries are as equivocal as we are now can they. These are not Eurosceptics like their UK counterparts, they are pragmatists. Only the British electorate is made up of knuckle dragging Xenophobes after all.

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