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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

German Post Mortem II

From Bizzy Blog, an evaluation of the economic impact of the German Election:
As for Germany, it can ill afford even few years of drift. The world needs an economically healthier Germany facing up to its problems and leading the rest of Western Europe out of its malaise, but barring a big surprise, we’re not going to get it.
We can look forward to a few more years of bickering and ignoring the problems. We’ve read it many times. Angela Merkel is not Margaret Thatcher. Neither is Germany the equivalent of 1970s Britain, at least not for now. At this rate however, the problems in Germany are going to continue to grow. The electorate which has rejected a moderate reformer this time will by next time it be begging for nothing less than a Thatcher revolution to put things right.

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