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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Deregulate or at least Pretend to

Could they really be preparing to change the way in which the EU screws us all?
One-third of planned EU legislation was shelved yesterday in an attempt to ease burdens on business and shed the European Commission's image as a source of endless red tape.
Note that goals one and two are both important.
The European Industry Commissioner, Günter Verheugen, said he screened 183 Bills and ended up axing 68 of them.
A major highlight:
Proposed directive to standardise pack sizes for coffee.
Well I’m glad they have backed down on this one, but what were they thinking of when they decided to make a law about the size of coffee jars?
  • Make them small and decrease caffeine consumption?
  • Reduce back injury from strenuous coffee breaks?
  • Eliminate discrimination between lower and upper ranks by making sure that coffee jars are big enough to go around?
If you have any ideas as to what they were thinking please suggest. As for the deregulation urge, I hope it lives up to those selling it.

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