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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What’s Chinese for Two Faced

The very same people who are refusing to let us voluntarily buy goods from the Chinese, are forcibly taking our money and giving it to the very same country.
The European Union will lend China 500 million Euros to help enlarge the Beijing Capital International Airport, sources with the airport said Tuesday.
Can the Chinese really not raise this money on the Shanghai stock exchange, or through private banks? Why do they need our cash?
The low-interest loan, offered by the European Investment Bank, will be paid back within 25 years, which shows that the EU hopes to further strengthen the economic links with China, sources said.
Buffoons. Raise the quotas on textile garments and watch our economic links strengthen by the day. Voluntary trade between European Consumers and Chinese Companies has a very different impact on China than Government to Government loans. The former has a tendency to strengthen the independence of companies (and therefore individuals) in China, whilst the latter has the tendency to strengthen the hold of the Chinese Government over its people. Which one is more in our interests should be obvious.

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