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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Still a Quisling

Conservative Party Leader hopeful Ken Clarke, has decided that he needs to remove this Europe problem if he is to have a chance of success.
Kenneth Clarke, the former chancellor, has branded the euro "a failure" in an apparent attempt to win the support of Conservative eurosceptics in his push for the Tory leadership.
It is of course welcome statement, but with the exception of those that are paid to say so, no-one in the entire world is claiming otherwise. He also had comments to make on the constitution.
Mr Clarke, a strong pro-European, also exhorted Brussels to forget about the EU constitution, which has been shelved after No votes in France and the Netherlands.
What Mr Clarke definitely does not say is that the Euro was a mistake or that the constitution was unnecessary. On the Euro
"I do not think there has ever been a time when the British could have joined with complete security and confidence. I doubt it is possible for 10 years or more."
On the Constitution
"There is no way of rescuing the treaty - although I was in favour
The man is accepting a couple of (for him) unpleasant truths. What he is not doing is questioning the underlying assumptions he has about the EU. The Euro and The Constitution were convenient battle grounds; they did not constitute the war. That has a long way to go. So how can we trust this man to potentially make big decisions about our Country’s future? He may have conveniently jettisoned the Euro and the Treaty, but he is still a quisling at heart.

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