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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Perhaps Sir Would Like to try Elsewhere

A Frenchman who understands where our best interests lie?
France's most celebrated living intellectual - and probably its most constant Anglophile - called on Britain yesterday to leave the European Union.
We expect such calls from those that don’t like us, but this one is talking about our best interests.
Maurice Druon, an author, ex-culture minister and grandee of the Académie Française, said that Britain's aversion to full integration made it unsuited to the full membership for which he campaigned more than 30 years ago.
Well he won’t get any argument from me. Not that I hold with all of his thinking.
"Shouldn't we draw the consequences and ask whether it wouldn't be to everyone's advantage, Britain's included, for them to leave the EU's political institutions and take the status of privileged partner?
It would certainly be to our advantage, not so sure about the poor countries left in who are not avid Federasts.

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