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Thursday, July 28, 2005

She Knows what's best

A summary of the Lecture given in Malaysia by Our Dear Leader’s wife was published in the Guardian today. That this women should be the wife of our Prime Minister is scary. Talking about the issue of Justice (as if a lawyer is going to understand such a concept) she makes much of the importance of judges.
Nowhere has the importance of independent judges policing a constitution of principle become clearer than in the context of the threat and reality of terrorism.
These would be the judges that her Husband, is keen to put under political control. They are however, the insurance we have against political over reaction.
At the same time, it is all too easy to respond in a way that undermines commitment to our most deeply held values and convictions and cheapens our right to call ourselves a civilised nation.
Well if the response she is talking of is id cards and constant Government surveillance, I am of the same opinion. However, this being Ms Booth, she has of course other issues on her mind.
Recently the House of Lords has grappled with this conflict when faced with a challenge to indefinite detention of foreigners at Belmarsh prison under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act of 2001. The house ruled that such detention was a breach of the European convention on human rights.
Note, the House of Lords did not say that this detention was against our most deeply held values and convictions, but rather that it went against European Law. This was:
A landmark decision described by Lady Justice Arden as a "powerful statement by the highest court in the land of what it means to live in a society where the executive is subject to the rule of law".
It was of course nothing of the sort. Firstly it was not the highest court in the land and secondly our Government’s actions being overturned by the House of Lords at the behest of the EU is hardly a stand out example of the Rule of Law. In fact it is this Human Rights legislation that has undermined the rule of law in this country. As those held at Belmarsh were free to leave the country, it was hardly a striking example of human rights abuses.
The public reaction to this decision has not been uniformly favourable. Of course, the public failed to appreciate that the outcome of the case was not driven by what the judges thought or felt about appropriate reaction to a terrorist threat, but rather by what the convention demands.
This fact makes it even worse. For all the soppy wet, let them off Judges on the benches, I personally would much rather them make their judgements on the law than be told what to do by a Eurocrat third party. The fact that the Convention demands that Left Wing Fashion is more important than the Rule of Law is probably one reason why it was not uniformly popular.
What the case demonstrates is the potential for judges to educate the public about the real meaning of democracy.
I accept there is more to Liberal Democracy than the will of the Majority, but the idea that unelected Judges are to teach us about democracy is insulting.
It also lies in the judges' vital role as teachers in a national seminar on meaningful, inclusive democracy in the 21st century.
Let’s make an assumption here. Most people, most of the time have no clue about the judgements of the house of lords. They only take notice when they are displeased with the result. So the only way for them to teach us anything is to piss us off first and then patronise us later.
The international nature of constitutionalised human rights means that domestic judges are engaged in a common exercise.
There is a common god that we must all worship, Comrade Human Rights. Judges must ignore the wishes of the people who must bow to the greater wisdom of their international superiors. This is the Wicked Witch’s recipe for democracy. Then she has the Gall to finish like this:
Our institutions are under threat; our commitments to our deepest values are under pressure; our acceptance of difference is at a low point. At this time our understanding of the importance of judges in a human-rights age should be at its clearest.
Our institutions are under threat from internationalists like Ms Booth and our deepest values are under pressure from the Left. Whilst the majority may wish to string terrorists and their supporters up, our acceptance of difference has never been higher. Few people worry about living with people who are different to themselves. If they do it is probably due to the multiculturalist creed which is in itself accentuates difference and eschews moral judgements. It makes no distinction between the vile hate filled extremist and the mild citizen whose religion or culture are in some way different. As citizens of Great Britain it is our deepest regret that our common law has been replaced by inferior Statist Napoleonic Law. We are no longer the owners of this country, but mere Serfs of our Lords and Masters. The tools they use to keep us down are the laws that were suppose to protect us. Our Dear Leader’s wife has been a major player in this power grab. We Serfs do not want to live in a human rights age, with faceless Eurocrats as the final arbiters of right and wrong. We want a nation where everyone can take control of their own lives and a legal system that protects the victims of crime not the perpetrators. That this vile woman is paid so much of our money to undermine our Nation's law is a national tragedy. Typical of all true believers, she doesn't care what we think, shes knows what's best.

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