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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Attack of The Prince of Darkness

Mandy, Aka the Prince of Darkness, has launched an attack on various EU notables, in a sign that he is still in the pocket of his mentor.
Peter Mandelson last night blamed weak European leaders for destroying the EU constitution, and said France and Germany were deluding themselves about the depths of their economic problems.
All of his comments can be seen as support for Mr Blair’s European crusade. He mentioned no-one by name but his comments with their presumed targets are as follows.
Mr Mandelson condemned those who had insisted on "carrying on as before" after the French and Dutch no votes on the constitutional treaty. French president, Jacques Chirac, and the Luxembourg prime minister, Jean-Claude Juncker
"These politicians in Europe looked as though they wanted to cling on to the constitutional treaty because they had nothing else to cling to."
Jack Straw
In doing so he is supporting Our Dear Leader’s position of letting the whole thing quietly disappear. He also adds his voice for calls to reform.
Mr Mandelson also criticised Germany and France for living in a world of "self-delusion", because they had failed to accept the "depth of the hole" their economies have sunk into.
He even went as far as criticising Gordon Brown for his lecturing of fellow Europeans. We assumed when Mandy went to Brussels, that he had immediately gone native. Apparently though, his loyalty to his real master is unwavering. Pity that loyalty wasn’t to his home country.

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