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Monday, July 18, 2005

1 Million Green Bottles Hanging….

The great thing about environmental regulations is how well they work. They always help us to live our lives in a more responsible way, whilst having a positive effect on this world in which we live in. Regulations are the road to our brighter future. Sorry reality check, I was under the false illusion that I was writing for the Guardian.
Hundreds of thousands of tons of green bottles collected for recycling are building up around the country because there is not enough demand for green recycled glass.
And why, pray tell could that be?
It has to be recycled under EU law, but the Government has admitted that it is unlikely that the surplus will be taken up and the glass mountains are likely to grow.
Why not subsidise its export, damaging glass industries in the developing world? It worked with our food mountains. Alternatively we could grind it really fine and create novelty green sand beaches.

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