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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Two Philosophies on Europe

Hold the presses, just out, apparently there are two different philosophies on how the European Union should be structured.

Following a bitter and failed summit on the future funding of the EU, veteran politician and current head of the EU Jean-Claude Juncker has concluded that Europe is divided into two opposing camps - a free trade camp and a political Europe camp.
I bet that this comes as a surprise to all of you. After all they have been telling us for years how we are asll of the same mind and that only swivel eyed loons could think otherwise. Guess which camp the Man of the People Juncker is in?
He added that only political integration would allow Europe to overcome the challenges facing it.
Yes he thinks that the idea of an Ultra Liberal Europe is terrible, and would rather a political union where wise men like himself make all the decisions. Had he been paying attention, he would have realised that there were actually three opposing views. The third of course being, Whats the point in this whole charade in the first place?

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