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Monday, June 06, 2005

It Opened a Discussion

The result of two formerly very Pro-European nations blowing a Raspberry at the constitution has set off an interesting domino effect in the mind of electorates everywhere. The unthinking acceptance of the EU is a result of the extensive efforts there have been over the years to raise the idea of European Integration beyond discussion. Platitudes such as Peace and Prosperity took the place of debate. It works really well until cracks start to appear, then the structure is shown for the weak thing it is. Other nations with EU decisions of their own have looked at last weeks results and begun to ask themselves questions. The result is startlingly rapid. In Norway the impact is most noticeable. In Two months, support for joining the EU has dropped 17% in two months. Now a majority of people are against. In Denmark, despite 5 of the main 7 political parties backing the constitution, more voters are against it than support it. If the Euro Elites want to rebuild belief in their project, simplistic ideology will no longer be enough. They will have to demonstrate to the people of Europe why their vision makes sense. Otherwise this will be just the beginning of a long and drawn out disintegration process. If you believe as I do that the whole project is illogical, then the beginning of the end has started.

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