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Sunday, June 26, 2005


Pro-European's often claim that we are small minded nationalists without understanding of the big picture. They on the other hand are idealists. I have just found a great example of this idealism:

In any case, those countries that have already ratified the EU Constitution and those that ratify in the future would thereafter remain in the EU as Member States and those countries that did not ratify the Constitution - given two chances for such a ratification - should be excluded from the EU as non-ratifiers.
If you don't agree to the constitution we will kick you out. Hows that for pan Europeanism.
These non-ratifying countries should be made clearly aware that they will be subjected to stiff tariffs for any trade they wanted to do with EU countries.
If thats idealism, I would hate to see what petty small mindedness means from these peoples point of view. Of course with such threats, the chance of a no vote would be much less:
Faced with such prospects, people would then not vote so irresponsibly in referendums.
The arrogance of these people is astounding.

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