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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hungarian Reactions

The thoughts of the Hungarian Prime Minister and Head of the opposition to the death of the treaty are interesting:

The Prime Minister being thoughtful:

It is impossible not to notice - and this is a warning to us as well -that the no votes also reveal some discontent, disappointment or at least a certain feeling of insecurity about the enlargement of the EU. The enlargement does not only mean the next round in this case.
In other words they are not happy with the likes of Hungary.

Funnily enough, the opposition leader provides the most genuine Euro Elite arrogance.

I think this French referendum is an annoying accident in the way of realizing a noble historical notion embodied by the Constitutional Treaty.

What’s noble or historical about 350 pages of Eurospiel we are not told, but this guy obviously has his sights on job in Brussels.

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