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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Euro Elite Wannabe

Its not just the Euro Elite who are arrogant and out of touch. Take this comment from Have Your say.
I believe that the French and Dutch referendum results reflected more on the state of their internal politics more than that of the EU. This said, I think that the EU and nation states, including UK, have been negligent in providing balanced information about the proposed constitution... Most people do not realise that in the face of the strengthening economic power of Asia, a strong and unified Europe is required to defend the lifestyle that we value so much. Tim Rollinson, Tonbridge, UK
He is right, I didn’t realise that at all. After all who would have thought that the rise of India would lead to the closing of our curry houses, that China’s power would destroy our access to cheap consumer goods or that the Malaysians want to ban football. Or maybe the lifestyle he wants to defend has nothing to do with the rest of us. Or maybe he wants to be a commissioner when he grows up? He sure has potential.

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