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Monday, June 27, 2005

EU Supports Shrunken Shirt Initiative

Harmonisation often throws up ridiculous situations where the EU has to force irrelevant changes on someone or other in the interests of unification. This one is a classic:
Most clothes sold in Sweden contain labels with washing instructions, and eight out of ten Swedes say they find them useful. But the labels are now being viewed at the EU level as a hindrance to free trade.
So they propose to ban the labels.
A poll from Temo showed that eight out of ten Swedes read the washing instructions before they wash new clothes, and six out of ten read them before they buy clothes.
So the vast majority of consumers find these labels very useful and yet in the interests of solidarity, Swedish consumers are not to be allowed them. Shrunken shirts and running colours, courtesy of Brussels. Thank to National Review for the tip.


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