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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dose of Reality

Charles European Kennedy is calling for a dose of reality following the No votes in Holland and France.

In my view the constitution remains a laudable attempt at making the EU that bit more accountable, efficient and transparent.
Charles to make it more accountable, try getting the accounts signed off by an auditor. We didn't need a new treaty for that.
The problems that the Constitution was created to address remain. So at some point we will have to revisit the powers of the Union.
What he means is that we haven't managed to transfer all our powers to Brussels. After all Mr Kennedy is never going to be Prime Minister so why not give all our power to crazies like him in Brussels?
I believe passionately that it is within Europe that Britain's interests are best protected. My greatest fear is that without a referendum in the UK, the Government will allow the pro-European argument to wither.
Don't Worry Charlesi the Pro Argument is withered already. The best they can manage is to call us Xenophobes. When pushed they can't even back that one up. Don't forget that the alternative to withering is a brutal beating to death at the hands of the electorate. Count yourself lucky.

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