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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Working Time

As the Quisling MEP’s from Britain’s Labour party help destroy the right of British workers to choose their own working hours, there could be another ridiculous addition to the rules.
MEPs in the Employment Committee want the right of individual workers to opt out of the maximum 48 hour working week to be scrapped three years after the new working hours directive enters into force. They also want hours "on-call" to count as working time in most cases.
Without the addition income from regular periods of being on call, I have no idea how my Father would have been able to support our family as we were growing up. Being on call meant being at home with the family most of the time, but getting paid extra for it. As the rules were supposed to protect health and safety, I fail to see how it can be unsafe to be paid for being mostly at home, in addition to regular working hours.

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