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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why Vote, They’re all the same?

Its the cry of apathy or frustration of all political ignoramuses, or believers in non middle ground ideas. It has never been more true. Why? Because whoever we vote for we will still be governed by Brussels. The Spectator puts it like this:
Actually, for all the say your MP will have on these policies, you might as well vote Monster Raving Loony party.
For those not familiar with British Politics, he is referring to a real party, not the Liberal Democrats. The rest of them are busy abdicating their duties.
Like teenagers terrified of responsibility, most MPs actively support giving away their power: they support more Europe, which inevitably means less Westminster.
The results are worth weeping over:
Between 1997 and 2003 the number of regulations, directives and decisions passed by the EU increased by 4,807.
The total cost of regulation introduced since 1998 is £30 billion, of which £24.9 billion is European.
Yet all talk of cutting red tape is hot air:
When the Commission legislation factory recently announced a bonfire of red tape, the only law it said it could do without was harmonisation of the size of packets of chicory coffee.
Now our representatives may as well stay at home for all the power they have:
There is no point in being an MP outraged that people on minimum wage are being taxed to pay Tate & Lyle more than £100 million in subsidies a year to export sugar, since you will never get to vote on it.
With just a couple of days left to go, there is only one thing that we can do about it. It’s a half measure and does not go nearly far enough but there are no other options.
Only one mainstream party wants more Westminster and less Europe and is opposed to the constitution, and that is the Conservative party.
The result of an, admittedly improbable, Conservative Win?
When the UK assumes the EU presidency, Michael Howard would become president of the European Union, giving him huge power over the way the EU is run. An EU president opposed to the constitution and determined to repatriate EU powers — suddenly European politics would be almost interesting.
Now that would be something to relish, would it not?

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