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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Queen’s Speech

Four pages of Neo Socialist Drivel, including further undermining of the basic principles of our common law. Sometimes ZaNu Labour’s policies goals sound like a speech by a Miss World Contestant. This speech is one of them. Tucked away at a point in the Speech where everyone is guaranteed to have nodded off is this innocuous sentence:
My Government will bring forward a Bill to give effect to the Constitutional Treaty for the European Union.
Her Majesty may as well have abdicated there and then. Another interesting sentence was:
The United Kingdom will take over the Presidency of the European Union in July, and my Government will work to build an increasingly prosperous and secure Europe.
Which raises the question. If they want to build a prosperous Europe, why are they supporting the constitution? A document that will be used over time to destroy our competitiveness and remove the pressure to reform from our neighbours. As for security:
My Government will work to strengthen commitment to the continued effectiveness of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
Which will of course not be at all undermined by a European Army and a European Foreign Minister. Welcome to the New Government and Parliament. May the country that we love still be there after you have gone.

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