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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Precautionary Principle Protectionism

We all know that the idea behind the precautionary principle is ludicrous, a search for a risk free life, rather than a logical cost benefit analysis approach. According to an American Think Tank, the idea is designed to be protectionist.
This study reveals how certain health and safety and environmental standards and regulations implemented unilaterally by the EU impede economic growth, social welfare and public health maintenance in developing countries.
By imposing strict standards on goods coming from developing countries, the EU is effectively shutting companies and individuals from the world’s poorest countries, from the single greatest concentration of rich consumers on earth. In addition EU backed activities try to push EU standards on other countries via their citizens.
ENGO campaigns launched in developing countries (e.g., concerning Biosafety (GMOs), REACH, Basel and POPs) seek to alter consumer perceptions and generate public fears about uncertain risks associated with potentially dangerous substances, industrial processes and novel technologies, without resort to objective and scientifically relevant fact-finding.
Such a combination of threat and propaganda is highly immoral and undermines economic and political development in poor countries. For the EU to think that the damage can be undone by a tax on airline tickets or other window dressing is wilfully dishonest.

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