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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Opting Out

MEPs are set to reject the UK’s working time directive opt out.
MEPs normally follow the line taken by their specialist committee and the Socialist group - including British Labour MEPs - is expected to lead the vote against the British opt-out on Wednesday, joined by Green and far-left MEPs.
The British Government thinks it can block any changes:
The UK can draw on support from several member states from the former Soviet bloc that joined the EU last year who are worried about the impact of stricter labour rules.
Whilst the Guardian thinks it is time we accepted the changes, which are supported by many in Britain.
A survey last year found that 55% of Britons wanted the opt-out to be abolished.
Which is a totally irrelevant piece of information. If a poll said that 55% of Brits found Garden Gnomes to be offensive, would the Guardian want them to be banned? I suspect not. The number of hours that I or anyone else works is of no concern to anyone but me and my employer. An opinion that is seconded by Tim

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