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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mr Red Tape on Road to Damascus

Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer made a great promise yesterday:
Britain will use its presidency of the European Union later this year to try to cut the amount of regulation on businesses.
Which is either the greatest conversion since St Paul, a totally cynical piece of political theatre or the blabbing of an idiot who has no idea what red tape is in the first place. Gordon Brown is second to no one in the belief that “Wise Government” can be a force for good. His immensely complicated tax system and tax breaks for everything that his greatness believes to be “good” demonstrate this clearly. He is a member of a government run by a control freak, who will not be happy until he has tied the public sector up so much in targets and rules, that it won't be long before doctors will have to apply 3 weeks in advance to go to the toilet. He is also a representative of a government that is committed to further European Integration. This despite a recent example of how EU rules will eventually strangle the life out of every business in the continent, opt outs notwithstanding. In short he personally bares much of the guilt for the situation as it stands. When will the press wake up and realise that the Scottish Raj has no clothes?

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