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Monday, May 09, 2005

Left Hungry

One area where the impact of EU membership has been felt very strongly is Agriculture. Whilst Poland’s previously EU critical farmers have warmed to the iniquitous CAP as the checks have started to roll in their Hungarian counterparts are not so happy. An event that failed to get the press attention it deserved was a demonstration by Hungarian farmers in Budapest, that took place some time ago and lasted for weeks. The problems they face have still not been solved.
Farmers in Hungary are complaining that delays in the payment of subsidies are causing them hardship.
The Hungarian Government is blaming the EU, whilst the Farmers think the blame lies elsewhere.
Union of Hungarian Farmers' Groups and Farmers' Co-Operatives European affairs specialist, Geza Varga, says the government failed to prepare properly for EU membership.
Whatever the cause of the problem, a system that turns individuals from economically active actors who can support themselves into passive recipients of others charity, is to be frowned upon.

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