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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I’ve Been Premature, Ooo Err

Apparently I have jumped the gun somewhat. For the past few weeks I have been banging on about the French Referendum and what was going to happen. It seems that Officially the campaign has only just started.
France yesterday declared the official start of its referendum campaign on the European Union's constitutional treaty, setting off a frenzy of politicking that will cost the state €130m.
€130 Million. I’ve heard of buying yourself out of slavery, but buying yourself in? And by the way it will cost the state nothing, it will cost the French Taxpayer, including those who are against. Now the odds are razor thin.
The Yes campaign has emerged as the firm favourite at bookmakers. Betfair, the London-based betting exchange, has installed the Yes vote as the 1/2 favourite. The No vote is quoted at 7/4
No doubt Jacques will get his way in the end, but since Fox Hunting was banned, watching French Politics is the only decent blood sport available.

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