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Monday, May 30, 2005

How they Saw it

The comments from both sides on the result were predictable enough to have been written last week: Jacques Chirac
Voters have expressed themselves "democratically" and taken a "sovereign decision"
The old crook is now in a very difficult situation indeed. Bang go his chances of re-election. Viva President Sarkozy.

Jack Straw

"Personally, I'm sad about the result. I think it was a very good treaty - one that would benefit not only Britain but also the rest of Europe.

Translated means, thank god it wasn’t us. Philippe de Villiers
"Europe has to be rebuilt. The constitution is no more."
Up yours Delors, Chirac, and Giscard. Francois Hollande
"The rejection of this treaty is above all the rejection of the government," he said.
We were great, it’s the UMP that screwed it up for us. (This despite the fact that Socialists going over to the No side swung it) Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende
"There is all the more reason to say 'Yes' so that some progress can be recorded"
I’m desperate help me out here someone. Liam Fox, the shadow Foreign Secretary
"It is very clear this treaty does not do what the people of Europe want and I think it should be put to rest right away.
Go on, I dare you to admit it. If you revive any of it, we’ll be on your case. Jean-Claude Juncker, prime minister of Luxembourg
“The treaty is not dead.”
This Parrot is just sleeping. Gerhard Schröder
“The referendum result is a blow for the constitutional process, but not the end of it.
We have ways of making you vote the way we want. Luke Waddington, head of currency trading in Tokyo at Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc
"It's quite straight-forward: Sell the euro, it's going lower.''
The first good economic news in the Eurozone in a long time. Timothy Garton Ash
For the French to say no to Europe is like the English saying no to beef or the Russians saying no to vodka.

Considering the BSE scare and the alcoholism problem in Russia, I take it you mean that in a positive way? EU Serf Champagne, Thats French isn't it?

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