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Monday, May 09, 2005

The Dream Under Threat.

Peter Preston like most of those who write for that government subsidised rag, is a Statist with a visceral hatred for free choice. In such capacity his love for the EU and capacity to create imaginative links between it and everything else know no bounds.
Twelve months from now, give or take the odd let or hindrance, Britain faces a choice to put last Thursday's in the shade.
Something that I have to agree with. Since our elected representatives are unaware of the constitutional duty not to tie a future Parliament and this treaty is for life not just for 5 years, he is completely right. But the beloved treaty is under threat from unscrupulous politicians:
The new Conservative leader will see any constitutional vote as a prime chance to drive a stake into Labour's heart. Instant credibility, with no instant reckoning.
That the Conservatives also disagree with both the concept and the contents in principle, is ignored, it spoils the argument. Conservatives will oppose the treaty on principle. Any collateral damage to the government will be a bonus. Our Future Prime Minister, Mr Prudent, is far more correct in his thinking:
Minister Brown, for all the euro doubts and sorrows, knows where his future lies. He may take his holidays in Cape Cod, not Tuscany, but he can't anchor HMS Hope and Glory off Long Island. We are where we are, what we are.
Which is the Irrelevant Geographical Argument. Most Eurosceptics are far from suggesting that we become a 51st state. This is a straw man thrown up to be knocked down by the Eurofanatics. If we were to take this argument at face value, we should have invited Hitler into Britain with open arms. After all, nearly all of Europe was following his ideals at the time. We had no excuse to remain free like the USA, after all we were part of Europe.
Is the constitutional treaty consensually perfect? Of course not.
Another empty argument, which tries to minimise criticism by admitting that the document is not perfect. That it is a total dogs breakfast and has no right to be even discussed let alone accepted is wilfully ignored.
The Tories don't like it because - like the Sun and the Mail - they haven't read it, let alone tried to understand.
Call your opponent stupid, that’s the height of sophistication is it not? If they haven’t read it, it is because few people in their right minds would want to read a three hundred page document purposely written in language that obscures the meaning. On the other hand, if you did not understand a contract would you sign it? Why should a constitution be any different? As someone who has read it I am a little incredulous that anyone else who has done likewise should be in favour.
Be clear: if you want an economy going to pot and a sense of politicians really losing control, just think about life after treaty rejection. And if you're a new Tory in the frame, fancying your chances, weighing tax cuts against immigration controls in some grotty equation, just think of the mess you'll inherit.
Which can generate two responses. Does he really believe that our economy’s strength depends on acceptance of the charter of fundamental rights? And. If our economy really does go to pot following a rejection, what kind of idiot political elite tied our success so tightly to a completely unnecessary and badly written treaty? Why should Conservatives support the treaty?
Because the Tories, if they pause to think, have been Mr 30% ever since they got the sceptic superbug.
To which the only dignified response is to laugh until my trousers fall off. Does he really believe that being Eurosceptic, one of the few areas where the Conservatives have been more in tune with the electorate than their competitors, has lead to their recent electoral failure? Or is he trying to undermine the Conservative revival by giving support to Ken Clarke and his ilk? Should the French not beat us to the punch, have no doubt Mr Preston, the Country, the Conservative party and individuals throughout Europe will have gained a better future at the expense of the New European Imperialists. Nothing under the Sun could persuade me to vote yes for that treaty, and that includes your little stories Mr Preston. I suspect that the majority of my fellow Brits will think the same.

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