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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

These Glum Times

The Eurofanatics at Pravda are feeling gloomy. Giscard’s little folly is going to end up in the bin much as the economist suggested it should many moons ago.
A French no vote may be just six weeks away. If it happens it would have major political implications in all directions: for the wider international institutions in which Europe seeks a larger role, for the EU itself, for France, for the other member states - and for this country too.
That it will have major implications is inarguable but there is no reason to be unhappy. On the other hand if you really believe what they do then they maybe have a point.
The assumption underpinning much of this talk is that a French no vote would actually be pretty convenient for Britain. It is not too late to insist that this is not so. The British people should want the French people to vote yes. A yes vote in France, like a yes vote elsewhere, would hasten the looser, more flexible, more modern Europe that the British people, and most other Europeans, actually support.
As poll after poll suggest that we are more likely to Vote for George Galloway than acquiesce to the passing of this document, you have to wonder where the information comes from. However on the issue of whether we should wish for a yes vote, I am still in a quandary. No could mean stagnation for the ever closer union brigade, but Yes would give us a chance to have our say. I still can’t decide. However according to another commentator all is not lost:
Renegotiating the constitution seems too difficult to imagine, though there is talk of keeping big reforms such as an EU foreign minister and more majority voting.
That’s nice to know we reject it but get its main impact anyway.

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