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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Taking the French Example

Unlike Xenophobic Little Englanders like myself, French Eurosceptics are Sophisticated progressives, fighting for a better world, not a Neo Liberal Anglo Saxon market society. Now it seems their Brethren North of the channel are following their example.
The news that Britain’s biggest trade union, UNISON, is likely to actively campaign for a ‘no’ vote is disappointing for the Government. Trade unionists have become increasingly disillusioned by the spin of the pro-Constitution lobby, and increasingly frustrated by the Government’s boast that it has “put the interests of business at the heart of our negotiating position on the EU Constitutional Treaty”.
Strange bedfellows for a Neo Liberal Anglo Saxon like myself, but we welcome them on board all the same. After all our cause is to bring the political debate home. We’ll deal with the socialists later.

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